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Update 1.0 on my illustration booklet (bonus news at the end)

Posted by MyLambda - 9 days ago

Hey everyone, I hope you doing awesome if not I really do hope you will be doing awesome. Just wanted to let you know some fresh info about what's going on with my project what I'm working on right now:

With the help of my (really good graphics design artist) friend we did the booklet design structure. The only things are worth mentioning about it are that since the illustrations will be parted to two parts so the booklet as well in this sense and there will be custom designed typography for the titles.


I've also determined the number of the illustrations as well: In total there will be 11 from which 2 will be the front and back cover art. Tomorrow I'll go to make some test prints too from the artworks.

From now on I'm gonna sacrifice much more time on this to finish it before I have to go back to uni (august 23). I'm really passionate and motivated, I believe I can do this until then. (BIG PP ENERGY IS ACTIVATED BOIIIIII)

I'm working on this project for almost 2 month now and I learned/learning a lot from it. It was a really good choice to do this. I'm sooo excited for the final outcome and I hope you as well!

Bonus news:

Two frontpaged artwork, NG podcast showing my stuff on youtube TWICE (One time I didn't asked and one time I did asked for it), NG SWAG GOD Tom Fulp reacting to my news, TWICE as much followers after two frontpage, excuse me but what the actual fuck is happening? My parents didn't gave me this much care and attention as a child as you Newgrounds people lmao. (THIS IS A JOKE OF COURSE GODDAMMIT) But still, I'm really thankful.

So yeah, Thank you everyone!

okay back to work, let's goooooooooooooo-



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Glad to see you're going places.

thanks buddy

holy shit you made it to artist news also aaAAAAAAAAA-

I was here before he was cool

Yeah but where is the milk?

@Projects-Dev @MyLambda you'll get your dam milk when you fix this fucking dooooooor!!!

You're progressing more and more as time goes on. You're extremely talented, so it's nice to see that you're getting this much attention. Also, I really like the booklet so far, keep up the hard work!

thank you so much for these kind words, I really do appreciate it!