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some things I'd like to speak about

Posted by MyLambda - 3 weeks ago

The first and more important thing is that I would like to apologize for that whole post I made about a month ago where I wrote "fairy shitty stuff". I should have think before doing something, especially on the internet. I apologize for that. I didn't wanted to get that personal in terms of my situation, family, emotional state or some false thoughts blinded by my personal frustrations I shared because I had a pretty shit period in my life at that moment and I will don't hide behind an excuse like every human makes mistakes or something like that if you don't accept this apology. Words don't mean shit if it's not supported by deeds so instead of words I will just prove you the opposite of this with my future deeds.

The second thing is that starting with PicoDay 2021 I will take this much more serious in terms of improving my art skills. With summer vacation almost here I will have months of time I'd like to not waste. Now I have precise goals in my mind of the things I want to achieve: to be at a pro level of character concept design, for the end of the university (I have 3 years left) I want to build a reasonably good online portfolio and after that when life will really begin, hopefully I would like to make a living out of this. I finished my PicoDay entry a week ago or so, I'm pretty excited to see what will be your reaction, if you like it why are you like it and if you hate it or don't like it then what was the mistakes I should take in mind and fix it. Aside from character concept designs I'd like to make some unique compositions too with some personal thoughts, ideas.

Thank you for taking the time to read this if you did, that's all I wanted to say.



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First, to me, it's okay. As I said, people tend to not think straight when angry, and I trust in you that you'll be better.

Second, hey, I'll be supporting you along the way. I promise that.

Thank you, I appreciate your support

@shintsukimi205 @MyLambda Hey, don't sweat it.

Yeah, don't sweat.