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MyLambda's News

Posted by MyLambda - September 21st, 2021

First milestone or something like that.

Thank you for keeping at least an interest in my works, I appreciate it very much! I would like to thanks especially for those who are supporting me along the way for a while now or even when I just joined NG! I won't mention names, those cutiepies knows that I'm talking about them.

So thank you again and I will continue to do what I like and what I have a passion and talent for. Hope y'all have good day or night, take care of yourself.



Posted by MyLambda - September 18th, 2021

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to inform you all that uni just started for me so I won't be that much active as I was on summer but let me recap some informations for you all so you can understand this better:

Afro Samurai illustration book project:

Still on a break but I will continue it as soon as I can. As things looking right know it's only missing 2 illustration, from which one is already work in progress, so I'm close to finishing it.

If you haven't saw it yet, watdefok are you doing seriously, just click here.

Digital art commissions:

I was planning to start doing commissions in this month but uni and other irl stuff were and was more important. I will try to get back to this too once I prioritezed the things I wanna and have to do.

I can't say anything for sure, I might could start doing commissions in the next 1-2 months or just only in the beginning of the next year. We'll see.


I created an album named portfolio on my artstation where I will put my drawings which are related to character design and illustration, the area where I would like to have a job after university. I already put some works in there which are already uploaded.

I spoke to my teachers and they will help me as well to organize my portfolio and will put works there I did for university tasks too not just the stuff I do in my free time.

Madness Day 2021:

You son of a bitch, I'm in!

Online Persona character design:

It's happening, I'm doing my own online persona for the first time.

Right now doing concept sheets like this, brainstorming about concepts and ideas.

That's about it, thanks for reading this if you made it all the way down here.

If you liked this make sure to absolutely fucking smash and annihilate that like button, buy my merch, my custom g-fuel flavoring, Nord VPN, Skype, Zoom, give me your soul too, this post was sponsored by raid shadows legends and minecraft, if we get 10 thousand likes on this I will definitely not make another haha get rekt ez gg get good, you guys are absolutely insane hahahahahahaha xddddd lmfaooooo



Posted by MyLambda - September 13th, 2021

These are some character concepts I kinda abandoned but I might finish them one day, I figured I'll show it.




Posted by MyLambda - September 6th, 2021

Made a fresh new artist instagram account, check it out while it's still warm! Uploaded some art there.

Also for a reminder, you can find all of my links in this linkfly thingy.

Working on some stuff and preparing for even more stuff, isn't that cool? yeah it's definitely cool, will post one of those somewhere in this week, you just wait for it.

You will see...



Posted by MyLambda - August 17th, 2021

'Sup people, MyLambda here.

I had to put Afro stuff aside for a little break since I got a bit overwhelmed with it so I think it will be good to take off my mind from it for a little time at least. I only need to finish two more piece and I already started one, I have to make some fixes on the book design, also maybe some more test prints would be good too for safety measures, so I guess you can say I'm close to finishing it.

So that's the afro situation for ya.

Other things I'd like to mention.. I'm preparing stuff for start doing commissions, hopefully somewhere in september. I will be doing character design/redesign and illustration but I will make a post here about that with all the necessary and important information you will need.

I got some irl corona shit related problems which made things a bit complicated and kinda hard for me (as for everyone) and they are yet to be solved. Also of course dumb stupid people in high "rankings" and their dumb stupid, unlogical rules or laws doesn't help too much either but can't really do anything about it, can you?

Same weeks with the usual dose of bullshits, you know how it goes..

So in short, I'm in a pretty uncertain and weird situation related to university. I'm trying to not stress much about it tho, I'm playing games, drawing, listening to music, talking a lot with my grandma, petting my kitty cat and doggo etc. We'll see what the future holds. Trying to keep things together I guess as the title says.

Well that's it, hope you are doing fine. Remember to drink a lot of water and do some sports you fat piece of shits. Okay you can calm down now. I'm just kidding lmao, at least just about the piece of shits part.

Maintaining your mental and physical health is very important!

Okay back to watching Markiplier.



Posted by MyLambda - July 22nd, 2021

Hey everyone, I hope you doing awesome if not I really do hope you will be doing awesome. Just wanted to let you know some fresh info about what's going on with my project what I'm working on right now:

With the help of my (really good graphics design artist) friend we did the booklet design structure. The only things are worth mentioning about it are that since the illustrations will be parted to two parts so the booklet as well in this sense and there will be custom designed typography for the titles.


I've also determined the number of the illustrations as well: In total there will be 11 from which 2 will be the front and back cover art. Tomorrow I'll go to make some test prints too from the artworks.

From now on I'm gonna sacrifice much more time on this to finish it before I have to go back to uni (august 23). I'm really passionate and motivated, I believe I can do this until then. (BIG PP ENERGY IS ACTIVATED BOIIIIII)

I'm working on this project for almost 2 month now and I learned/learning a lot from it. It was a really good choice to do this. I'm sooo excited for the final outcome and I hope you as well!

Bonus news:

Two frontpaged artwork, NG podcast showing my stuff on youtube TWICE (One time I didn't asked and one time I did asked for it), NG SWAG GOD Tom Fulp reacting to my news, TWICE as much followers after two frontpage, excuse me but what the actual fuck is happening? My parents didn't gave me this much care and attention as a child as you Newgrounds people lmao. (THIS IS A JOKE OF COURSE GODDAMMIT) But still, I'm really thankful.

So yeah, Thank you everyone!

okay back to work, let's goooooooooooooo-



Posted by MyLambda - June 18th, 2021

Not long ago @TheNewgroundsPodcast reviewed two illustrations of mine in their youtube channel (1:11:30) that I submitted in their thread alongside with other cool animation/music/art that you should definitely check out as well here!

I just want to say thanks @VoicesByCorey, @Xinxinix and @PsychoGoldfish for the kind words, noice feedback on my drawings from "Afro Ninja/Ninja Samurai" and the next album cover of Kanye West! xdd

Honestly as someone who is an introvert personality, who is really strict about art progress and because of the latter one sometimes I forget to appreciate the progress I made so far so it felt really good to see, listen to this review. I've been watching, listening to some of the other videos of this podcast as well recently and I really like it. It's fun, chill vibes, keep it going guys, it's awesome!

So yeah, thanks a lot!



Posted by MyLambda - June 14th, 2021

NG have a really good community I think, there are a lot of different people here and I still feel like it's a really cozy place to settle down if you're doing some kind of art in any genre. About myself I'm not that new here, I was here a lot of time when I was a child, playing these games or watching animations which became a part of my childhood's good experiences, similarly to many other people that NG gave good memories. Something feels really nostalgic about this site even now and I really like that feeling.

I'd like to thank you your surprisingly good feedbacks and criticisms so far, it helped a lot to grow my skills in art. A lot of times I was under the influence of some kind of idea, not bad but narrow mindset which really slowed down my progress in art and it was not really good for my mental health either. Everybody had or will have those times where you have to fight yourself I guess, there is something inevitable about this.. There is this struggle too in art when you are really passionate about it, you always whip yourself with something like ''this is not good enough'' which is good to a certain level for pushing yourself but there are people who just can't handle the pressure and eventually they give up. I don't want to talk about any cringy motivational shit and I will not, I'm just speaking the things I experienced personally and I saw my artist friends experiencing these same struggles. Nonetheless the feeling of creating something that people is genuinely inspired by is a really beautiful thing or creating something that will make you think like ''dayuuum son did I did this?!'' is just something you experience everytime as a whole new, amazing feeling. I will just keep doing what I love, enjoy life in my way the best as I can and giving my honest thanks/appreciation for the kind and helping words that people will hopefully give me in the future as they did so far. :)

Moreover I'd like to mention some people I found here so far as the title says. I'd like to recommend you to check them out because I think their artworks are really unique or how they behave on this site is kind of ''exemplary'' in a sense that their reviews helps a lot beginner/intermediate/professional artist or they are writing really interesting topics. Then again appreciation is something like trust, you have to earn it but for me they earned it.




In her case I'd like to mention that you should check this post too and if you can sacrifice a little part of your money, as she wrote you do not have to, but it would be definitely helpful for her. My situation was not the same but I can definitely relate to her, I think a lot of people can because sadly there are a lot of unhealthy family in this world. As a child it's not like you can do anything about it but if there is a chance to make things just a little better why not do it so? I wish that in my case was a chance, but it was not, still life goes on and even if she is stranger to you but the fact that you can relate to her is more than enough reason to support her.

For a side note don't be offended if I didn't wrote something under your name, I don't mean anything bad about it. You are still appreciated as much as the others. Those are just sentences or thoughts that I felt like I need to add.



Your reviews are really helpful, not just for me, I'm constantly seeing your comments. You have a good sense in art I'd say based on your artworks and the things you comment.


I think you're the first user that I ''met'' here by that art trade. All I can say that thanks for your support, it means a lot to me. I will contact you about that second art trade when I'm done with this exam shit.




I saw that you're on a hiatus, hopefully you will see this too!

Of course this list is uncomplete but these are the people that I remembered now and of course you can expand it too if would like to. Wish you all the best, I'm looking forward to your creations as well as all of the artists here on NG! Everything by everyone.



Posted by MyLambda - June 9th, 2021

My goals at first with digital art was to get used to it by drawing all kind of things that I enjoy as much as I can and I feel like I did got used to it now pretty well and I'm not gonna lie, that frontpage the other day got me really hyped up and inspired me to do much more awesome shit.

Lately I was busy with exams and I'll have the last one tomorrow (wish me luck), after that I can focus full time all summer on making art THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YEAHH BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

My birthday is coming slowly (june 30) and I got a new desk and I will get a good, comfortable chair as well

soon from my dad that I can work on.

My family and I are not poor, if we need something we can afford it sooner or later but still all I can say is always highly appreciate the things you have and I'm really grateful that at least I had this space where I could work but because of this messy ''setup'' my neck and my back was almost fucking paralyzed of the bad posture, fatigue etc.:


I will show you the new workspace when I have the chair too.

But yeah this problem is basically solved now, I can work comfortably now on and I'm really really grateful for that.

By the way here is a still in progress sneak peak, this will be the second Afro Samurai illustration (Jinno/Kuma):


This update post might be weird based on the number of my followers but you know what, if all of those 31 people who are following me would be here in real life with me that would hit kind of different, right?

So yeah, that's the situation right know with me, hope you're doing good as well.

Also wash your buttholes regularly, THIS IS NOT A FUCKING JOKE I SWEAR.



Posted by MyLambda - June 2nd, 2021

I was chillin' listening to some music and browsing featured art then I saw mine I was like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, dudee thank you for the frontpage whoever did it I love you!!!

It means a lot to me because I think this is a sign that my efforts for improving my art skills was not in vain so far since I got much more serious about practicing. Thank you again, I'm really happy that the first illustration of this little project of mine what I started to working on is happened to be this likeable!!